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Ashford Sports Club

“I attended the Surrey Cricket Foundation Dataquest Club Conference at The Oval on March 20th. This is an annual get together of Surrey cricket clubs to share best practice amongst clubs in Surrey, to inform clubs about what is going on in Surrey Cricket and to have a chance to speak with suppliers and marketers of cricket and cricket related goods and commodities.


One suggestion in the paperwork sent to all clubs in advance was to visit the Fidelity Energy booth at the conference armed with your club’s latest gas and electricity bills and Fidelity Energy would see if they could find a more economical solution for your club’s energy needs. During the lunch break and with some trepidation I approached their desk at the conference. They explained what Fidelity Energy did and how they operated and took a copy of my bills and promised to get back to me within a day or so. It was far less painful than I expected and they were friendly and clear in their approach and did not force anything upon me or my club.


Fidelity Energy came back to me within 24 hours of our meeting and presented me with estimates for the possible savings that could be made if we were to switch energy companies and sign up with a new supplier that they had found on our behalf. This was a very attractive offer which showed savings of nearly £5,500 in our energy bills over the next 2-3 years. This was a very attractive proposition which needed my club’s “Committee approval” before we could proceed; this unfortunately delayed our take up of this offer by a couple of days by which time the estimated savings had reduced slightly but within a few days we had signed up with ENGIE Energy Solutions and the deal was done.


All energy companies buy their fuel “ahead” and, with the current oil prices just starting to rise again after being at a 10 year low, now is the best time to really look at your club’s energy bills. With saving like ours being possible, you never know, your club might be able to afford that long-awaited project after all!


I suggest you contact Fidelity Energy as soon as possible to see what your club might be able to save. There is no harm in asking the question.”

Chris Evans

Ashford Sports Club


The Challenge:

IT and mobile security specialists Cybermo were looking to diversify their business and explore a new revenue stream. The new division had already signed up 28 customers and has secured a healthy pipeline of energy business.

The Solution:

Through Fidelity Energy’s simple and easy to use portal Cybermo have been able to successfully offer energy solutions to their existing telecoms and IT customers, plus new businesses within the manufacturing sector, care homes and serviced offices. This new division of the business has so far made over £15k in profit and secured a pipeline of energy business of around £100k.


Matt Boyce

Director, Cybermo
We’ve been trading for over 15 years as a fully independent mobile provider, specialist SME provider for IT security, Microsoft partner and partner of Fortinet security products distributor Exclusive Networks. Our aim is to secure businesses against constantly evolving threats easily and affordably. When Fidelity came and presented the proposition to us the attraction was clear. Energy provided us with another revenue stream, it was easy to administer and set-up and ultimately made the customers more ‘sticky’. Also, it was very easy to get going. We have a dedicated Fidelity Energy account manager who is superb, the Fidelity portal is very easy to use and we are now self-sufficient with processing quotes. We are slightly different and aim to be a solution type provider for energy so we monitor the raw material prices and produce reports each week. Ultimately we are more informed than the major suppliers, which is a key differentiator for us. In the main, customers have been receptive because of how we pitch it and Fidelity allow us to be fully independent with the suppliers which is a great benefit. Selling energy is a great opportunity; it’s a very transactional model, the customers ultimately sign with the supplier such as British Gas, so they still have the security of a big supplier but the customer care of a dedicated company with a face. Anyone with a customer base should speak to Fidelity.

Powering past the £50m Milestone!

We are pleased to announce that as of last week we have secured over £50m worth of energy supplies since our launch 3 years ago.

By changing the way businesses procure their electricity and gas we have been able to empower our partners to service their client needs through our simple and effective portal. MD John Haw said:
This is a significant achievement for the business and testament to the work the team and our partners have put in.  The portal, a set of exclusive renewable energy offers and marketing support are giving our partners an edge in the market. Couple that with their strong customer relationships and it’s a winning formula.
Our recipe for success lies in our proven expertise and leading edge technology which allows us to:
  • Buy at the right time by constantly monitoring the market. We can forward buy our clients’ energy at the low points in a constantly fluctuating market.
  • Typically save a client between 10 and 20%, and in some cases up to 50% off their current bill.
  • Understand a business and tailor our solution to lower usage. Our team of dedicated account managers will work with clients to agree a smart meter roll out. Smart meters can drastically help cut energy bills.
  • Multiple suppliers. We contract with 17 major energy companies who all bring different skills and pricing. Prices can vary by 28% between the highest and the lowest quote for each client
  • Supplier Vetting: We also heavily vet suppliers we add to the portfolio. We don’t let suppliers with poor service or billing standards into the supply chain.
To find out more contact us today.