What We Do

Sourcing the best business electricity tariff is a headache you don’t need. Fidelity Energy is here to make the process of finding and switching tariffs painless

When you partner with Fidelity Energy, you can rely on us to find the very best electricity deals for your business. We are more than a just price comparison service though. We manage the whole process so you can focus on your business and customers instead of being tied up with electricity tariffs and paperwork.

Electricity Procurement

Through our customer-focussed approach, we will work with you to review your Electricity usage and save you money on future contracts.


With our unique, customer-focused, consultancy approach we will support you from initial consultation, through the entire lifetime of an account.

Half Hourly Metering

Consume less energy and secure cheaper rates with our half hourly meters.


Our team of experts will check on your energy meters to help you to calculate and reduce your usage.

Smart Metering

Automatically view your usage and help cut your energy bills with our smart metering.

What makes us different?

Business Energy Experts

We work closely with all the major electricity providers and use our collective buying power to find the best business tariffs for you


Hundreds of happy customers already trust Fidelity Energy to find the right electricity tariffs for their business.

Personalised Service

You tell us what you want and we find the perfect electricity tariff to match. Simple as that.

Simple Switching Process

Your dedicated account manager will oversee the transition to your new tariff so you can focus on your business, not electricity providers and their paperwork.

We Work With Many Trusted Suppliers To Help Find You The Best Business Energy Rates

Working with a wide range of electricity suppliers ensures we have access to the best market pricing available. Prices can vary by 28% between the highest and the lowest quote for each customer; if you only check the price of one supplier, it’s rare that their prices will be the lowest on offer. The Fidelity Energy portal solves the problem of trawling the market looking for the best business electricity deal. 

Every supplier picked by Fidelity Energy has been carefully selected by us based on their long-term financial viability, billing accuracy, ease to do business with and responsiveness to our customers. Rather than have dozens of unproven and untested electricity suppliers, we only let the very best partner with us. The cost of placing business with a financially unstable or unethical supplier can be catastrophic to your business, so let us guide you in this vital decision.

We look to do all the hard work, so that our customers can reap the benefits without the headache.

How It Works

Switching is easy and it requires little to no effort on your part:

Step 1

Just send us a bill

Using our smart technology, we will search the market on your behalf to find a tariff that best suits your business.

Step 2

Choose a tariff

We will send over a selection of the best available rates and help you choose the right tariff and contract length.

Step 3

Leave the rest to us

Our energy experts will take care of everything, from supplier negotiations to managing your energy contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, we love chatting with our clients and offering phone support, call us on 0800 48 48 00
Yes, our specialist teams do all of the work, you just have to sign the final paperwork.
There are no charges for receiving quotes, advice, and health checks as these are free of charge with no obligation to proceed any further. Once a contract has been agreed and signed, we are remunerated by commission paid via the supplier as a result of us securing and finalising the supply contract between you and them. The exact commission amounts will be disclosed in the individual terms and conditions sent to you, but you can find out more on our terms and conditions page.
Everything is your choice; you select the preferences and everything from contract length, cheapest supplier or the greenest. If there is a supplier you don’t ever want to work with, we will exclude these too.

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