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Fidelity Energy is changing the way businesses procure their energy. We not only provide procurement services, but all the other services you would expect from one of the UK’s leading utilities and energy consultants. We help our customers get the best value from their energy contracts, reducing their energy consumption, minimising their carbon footprint and ensuring that their bills are right. Thousands of businesses of all sizes from all over the UK rely on us for their energy needs, whether that be one site or multi-sites across the UK. We remove the stress of dealing with the energy contracts by contacting your existing and new supplier, as well as managing the process throughout, from start to finish.

Gas Procurement

We will support you through the energy switching process to reduce business costs and decrease your carbon emissions.

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Electricity Procurement

Through our customer-focussed approach, we will work with you to review your Electricity usage and save you money on future contracts.

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With our unique, customer-focused, consultancy approach we will support you from initial consultation, through the entire lifetime of an account.

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active customers

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What makes us different?

Buying at the right time

Buying at the right time by constantly monitoring the market. This allows us to forward buy for our clients’ energy at the low points in a constantly fluctuating market.

Smart technology

Our custom built quoting tool generates an accurate quote in minutes. We use our Smart Technology to proactively manage your contracts to ensure you never fall on to high out of contract rates. 

Multiple suppliers

We contract with 17 major energy companies who all bring different skills and pricing. Prices can vary by 28% between the highest and the lowest quote for each client.

Business Health Check

Our free no obligation energy health and carbon audit helps us to see if you are being charged correctly and if we can save you money against future contracts and reduce your carbon emissions.

Bringing A Personal Touch To Utility Procurement

Getting the chance to build a relationship with an energy supplier is a surprise to most of our customers, through our hands-on approach we work with each individual business to establish a bespoke solution, tailored to their specific need. When you combine our relationship skills with our skills in both Energy and Technology you can see why we are an industry leader in energy procurement.

We can only succeed by delivering on customer-focused delivery, this starts from the initial consultation, through the entire lifetime of an account. Through this process we develop a trusting business relationship with our customers, we go above and beyond to secure them the best energy rates aligned to their business needs.

It is paramount that our customers get the best value from their energy contracts whilst reducing their energy consumption, minimising their carbon footprint and ensuring that their bills are right.

We look to do all the hard work, so that your customers can reap the benefits without the headache.

We work with many trusted suppliers to help find you the best business energy rates

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Make Your Business Greener

Green Tariffs

Fidelity Energy has a range of Green tariffs; all our Green Products use power generated from 100% renewable sources. They come with a zero emissions rating and are backed with a “Guarantee of Origin”, certifying that the electricity has been generated exclusively through wind (hydro assets).

Electric Vehicle Charging

Fidelity Energy can secure competitive rates on EV charging point solutions for business premises. With single or multiple charge point solutions and bespoke branding available, we can tailor to suit your individual requirements and offer quick installation ready for instant use.


Market Monitoring


The main risk to the market last year was sourcing enough energy to meet the required demand. The new market risk this year has become a disruption to supply infrastructure through union and protest movements and it is likely that this is not going to be resolved swiftly.


Wholesale prices, currency valuations and government taxes all have an impact on the prices of energy. Fidelity Energy constantly monitors the market and this allows us to advise our clients when we think a low point is reached – we know this is no easy feat in a constantly fluctuating market.


Conflict in the Middle East
Concerns around supply disruptions
Forecasted drop in wind output


Upwards pressure on the markets, which will in turn push contract prices up


Low gas demand
Mild temperatures
Expected decline in storage withdrawals

Downwards pressure on the markets, helping to make contract prices cheaper

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, we love chatting with our clients and offering phone support, call us on 0800 48 48 00
Yes, our specialist teams do all of the work, you just have to sign the final paperwork.
There are no charges for receiving quotes, advice, and health checks as these are free of charge with no obligation to proceed any further. Once a contract has been agreed and signed, we are remunerated by commission paid via the supplier as a result of us securing and finalising the supply contract between you and them. The exact commission amounts will be disclosed in the individual terms and conditions sent to you, but you can find out more on our terms and conditions page.
Everything is your choice; you select the preferences and everything from contract length, cheapest supplier or the greenest. If there is a supplier you don’t ever want to work with, we will exclude these too.

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