Switch Once, Switch Forever

We understand that running a business can be stressful. We want to use our expertise to make things easier, giving your customers more time to do what they do best. That’s why we’re continually looking for innovative ways to streamline the switching process.

That is where Switch Once, Switch Forever comes in. Every time your customer’s contract is up for renewal, we make sure they are always on the best deal, without having to lift a finger.

Your customers can save time and money for their business while we take away the stress of switching, forever.

How It Works

The Process

Step 1

You Sign up

Your customers sign up to our Switch Once, Switch Forever service and select the contract and supplier preferences they’d like us to follow.

Step 2

We Search

Each time their contract is up for renewal, we compare the market against their preferences to find the best deal suited to them.

Step 3

You Save

We take care of all the contract admin and supplier negotiations, keeping them updated throughout the entire process.

Step 4

We Repeat

When their contract comes up for renewal, we repeat the process to ensure they are always on the best deal, without having to lift a finger.


Zero Admin

We will take care of quotes and paperwork, automatically renew their expiring contract using their specified preferences. We’ll let them know what’s changed so they can always opt out too.

Better Prices

By using collective switching to group customers with similar contract end dates together we can obtain better prices for your customers. Rather than going to market individually for each customer, we use collective consumption as leverage to negotiate better deals with suppliers.


Because we actively monitor your customers’ contracts and rates, we save them from falling out of contract and onto more expensive “standard” rates.

We Work With Many Trusted Suppliers To Help Find Your Customers The Best Business Energy Rates

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you just need to supply your customers’ energy bill and we will do all the processing.
Our specialist teams will be on hand to assist on every deal and all the operations are managed by us.
We are more than just energy procurement; we have custom built an industry leading portal to generate quick and accurate energy quotes. You can also offer Electric Vehicle Charging Points, 100% Renewable energy tariffs as well as solutions to help your customers’ be greener.
Your customers will almost expect you to offer more utility services, be ahead of your competitors in doing just that.

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