What We Do?

We champion renewables and an easy way to help businesses be more environmentally friendly is to install sustainable generation technology on-site at the business premise.


Early adoption of Solar PV panels is key to the survival of UK business operations, and it is cheaper and greener to generate electricity through renewables than purchasing conventional electricity from the grid. As long as the sun is shining, you can harness these infinite energy resources.


Solar generation works by converting energy from the sun into power in the form of electricity. The electricity a solar PV panel generates can be fed directly into the energy supply, stored in batteries, or exported and sold to the grid.


We are here to help you find the best solutions for your business, understand how it works and the benefits they can offer you to help meet your sustainability goals.

25+ years

life span with regular maintenance


average savings compared to current costs


or less, that our customers pay for their energy

20+ years

of renewable technology experience

Purchase Options

We understand that without knowing exact costs and savings it can be hard to know which option is right for your business, which is why we provide buy-outright and lease options when we quote.

Choosing an outright purchase means the only cost implication is the upfront investment. Beyond that, you have the option of our maintenance contracts. Once the payback date is reached, the system generates free energy for the remainder of its lifespan.

Dependent on cash flow and system size, lease agreements are a powerful tool for businesses. We take zero cap ex up front and install the solar PV system. Costs are covered over a max of 7 years and it’s your responsibility to maintain your system.

Our team are happy to provide both lease and outright purchase estimates to ensure you fully understand every element of your sustainable investment, whilst giving you a clear strategy and practical plan towards a cost-saving, net-zero future.

Benefits of Solar Installation

Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Utilise self-generation to enable you to save money and mitigate the risks associated with price volatility.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Demonstrate your commitment by taking proactive steps towards a sustainable and net-zero future.

Become More Self-Sufficient

Have more control over your own expenditure and gain some protection from when grid prices fluctuate.

Reliable and Low Maintenance

An easy and reliable source of generation and requires minimal maintenance beyond ensuring they are kept clean.

“With solar PV, you are protecting your business against future legislation and making steps on a decarbonisation journey. You’re also making a clear statement as a forward-thinking and responsible business.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, we love chatting with our clients and offering phone support, call us on 0800 48 48 00
No planning permission is required for installations up to 50 kW. System sizes under 1MW can be installed under the Permitted Development Planning Guidelines, unless listed building or conservation area; all licenses and permits will be our responsibility. We investigate this early in the process.
There are no charges for receiving quotes, advice, and health checks as these are free of charge with no obligation to proceed any further. Once a contract has been agreed and signed, we are remunerated by commission paid via the supplier as a result of us securing and finalising the supply contract between you and them. The exact commission amounts will be disclosed in the individual terms and conditions sent to you, but you can find out more on our terms and conditions page.
We will ensure the roof and/or land is suitable for the system before any works begin. In the rare instance we uncover any issues, the client would be responsible for any additional maintenance, refurbishment or roof upgrade costs, to ensure the installation can be started successfully. We can also assist with sourcing the correct contractors to carry out this work if deemed necessary. If you do know more detailed information about your roof such as condition, new or old, then letting us know ahead of time is extremely beneficial to progressing your proposal.
As you have full ownership of the system, it will become your responsibility to ensure it is monitored and maintained to ensure peak performance. However, we do offer a competitive maintenance package price in which the system is fully monitored and maintained by ourselves for the full duration of the contract.

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