Ipsum enables organisations to connect global assets under one platform, to benefit from 360° visibility across their carbon efficiency; pinpointing anomalies and action areas as and when they arise.

Help your customers to take positive steps now to reduce their carbon footprint

View Energy Consumption In Real Time

Your customer can control the energy they use

Carbon emissions – your customers’ carbon footprint – arise from energy use. Managing how they consume energy in every area of business, at an optimum level, is a key aspect of reducing their carbon footprint.

IPSUM helps any business to move from manual reporting to advanced data analytics that can drive decisions on your sustainability strategy.

Avoid, Reduce and Comply

Our software platform, IPSUM enables your customers to monitor all their energy-use points through a single view, giving 360° visibility across their carbon efficiency; pinpointing anomalies and action areas when and where they arise. Enabling
your customers to avoid energy waste, reduce their carbon footprint and costs, and to comply with regulations.

Gain essential insights to support a robust sustainability strategy

IPSUM enables any business to benchmark, track and monitor the environmental and energy performance of their global organisation, on a yearly, monthly, daily or even hourly basis.

Comply With Regulations

Meet mandatory carbon reporting (MCR) and Carbon Reduction Commitments
(CRC) legislation.

Enhance Company Image

Enhance corporate image and
reputation on environmental and
sustainability issues.

Demonstrate Environmental Responsibility

Show commitment to and
management of climate change
issues to investors
and customers.

Ipsum Helps

Reduce costs across your customers’
supply and value chain

Meet existing and
future legislation

Understand supply chain
risks and move to
greener process/products

Minimise environmental
impact through reductions
in energy usage

Win government and
public sector tenders by
demonstrating green
sustainability credentials

Real-time visibility

IPSUM brings all data together, putting your customers in control. This control follows a logical path
through their activities, from end to end, addressing the fundamentals of operational,
compliant, and transparent operations.

The logical control flow
Understand activities at source > Modify activities > Increase efficiencies > Reduce costs

IPSUM reporting and analytics dashboard
IPSUM can provide combined reporting of your customers’ supply and value chain, where third party permission can be obtained and is legally required.

Working from home
Businesses are responsible for reporting on the emissions that arise from their workforce, regardless of location. If fifty people are in an office, that is one location. If forty of them are working from home, it becomes forty-one locations.

Product distribution channels
Using the precision of IoT, IPSUM provides real time data on your carbon emission in the distribution network.

Manufacturing In-house/supply chain
IPSUM captures real time data from all your customers’ manufacturing plants. This data enables a 360° view of their real carbon footprint and energy consumption.

Transport and Travel
IPSUM is a powerful tool to calculate your customers’ carbon footprint from their travels – Global or National. From company cars to company transport for shipping goods, to company travel by public transport or airlines, all business-related travel counts towards their organisation’s carbon footprint.

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